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GP and dentist recommendations

GP and dentist recommendations

The prospect of telling a GP or dentist about your HIV status can cause anxiety for some people.

Many of us have heard stories or been in a position where GPs with little HIV-awareness have sent patients back to their HIV clinic because of a lack of confidence in dealing with what may be entirely normal health concerns.

In an ideal world every GP and dentist should be well informed and have good HIV knowledge and good communication with their patient’s HIV clinic and doctor, but you can’t always guarantee that.

We've taken this on board and added a new resource to the myHIV by teaming up with medical recommendation site I Want Great Care so that you can submit anonymous reviews recommending good services that you use.

This will then help others find local healthcare providers that have been directly recommended by someone else who is living with HIV.

In keeping with the solution-focused ethos of MyHIV, this is a recommendation service, and not a place to complain - if you want to make a complaint about a service, please contact your local PALS service in England, Community Health Councils in Wales, NHS board in Scotland or the Northern Ireland Ombudsman.

Please get online and make your recommendations so that we can share good practice and help each other find the care we need.



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  • Looking at the reveiws website, I can't see how to find out where the reccomendations of doctors with good knowledge/care in relation to HIV are. It seems that you can just search for the name of a doctor or surgery. Can you help tell me how to find doctors in my town who are reccomended?

    Posted 14:12 Thu 12 Sep 2013 by aboo