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Living with HIV long term

simple science
how hiv is not passed on

Ageing and HIV

Many older people lead healthy, active and exciting lives and living with HIV should not impact on this.

how hiv is passed on

Blood pressure

A blood pressure test measures the pressure of the blood as it is pumped through your arteries and around your body.

stages of hiv infection

Bone density loss

As we age we gradually lose bone density, meaning that our bones do not renew themselves as quickly.

the hiv test

Brain impairment

Brain impairment is a term used to refer to problems such as memory loss, confusion, behavioural changes and problems with coordination or movement.

the immune system


One in three people will develop cancer in their lifetime.

what is hiv


If you have diabetes you have too much glucose in the blood (blood sugar) because your body cannot use it properly.

whats happening inside me

Heart problems

Cardiovascular disease is the biggest killer in the UK and includes a range of conditions which affect the heart and the surrounding arteries.

facts and figures

Kidney problems

Kidneys filter toxins and waste products from your blood.

how hiv is passed on

Menopause and HIV

Many women living with HIV can expect to have a normal lifespan, and will therefore go through the menopause.

what is hiv

Menstruation and HIV

As well as affecting your immune system, HIV can sometimes affect your hormonal system and periods.